The Invasion (2007)

aaabbb3.jpgIt was like watching “The X-Files” + King’s “Cell” together. (In fact this is a re-re-remake and the idea originates from the novel of Jack Finney, and it’s entertaining to see how the story has evolved during the last 50 years.) We have some kind of alien virus that transforms people. It’s pretty like the “black oil” and it attaches itself to the DNA of the infected people to make them different. It is not “transmitted” via cellular phones but what it turns people into is as horrible as the zombies in Cell. The difference is that these zombies are not insane. In fact they are very sane, even oversane. Perhaps I should call them sanebies instead.

The infected and transformed sanebies have very good intentions. They want to live in peace, without any wars or murders. So they try to infect the whole population of the world to start the age of peace. As the infection spreads, crime rates decrease and all the wars around the world are stopped. But there is a problem. (There always is one!) People who previously had some kind of smallpox disease are immune to the virus and of course sanebies do not like them. Guess what? Kidman’s son is one of the immune ones and she has to save him from the sanebies.

After so many troubles and a long chase, they are rescued at the last minute. The uninfected ones think that those peaceful sanebies are no more humans. Yes, humans may be violent, but this is one of the things that make us human and we are not ready to give up our “humanity” and go live like trees. (Well you may end up with an idea like “to go on being human you should go on killing”, but I hope that’s not the intention of the film.) Some kind of vaccine is produced in an isolated military base. At the end, the virus is defeated and all the infected ones are cured to become as human (and violent) as before. Now the entire world is human again and we can freely go on killing each other.

Whatever, you have 90+ minutes of Nicole Kidman, and what more would you like to see in a movie?



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